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Healing the Toxic Workplace: 

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Toxic employees destroy culture & your bottom line.

“Sometimes the employees who do the most damage are hiding in plain sight.” 

– Jeff Hayden,
Contributing Editor, Inc.

A hallmark Harvard Business study entitled Toxic Workers (2015) revealed very compelling statistics!

It’s Better to Avoid a Toxic Employee than Hire a Superstar.

lost work time in avoiding the toxic co-worker.
1 %
of employees lost work time worrying about the toxic co-worker's rudeness.
1 %
of employees who had been treated with incivility admitted to taking their frustrations out on customers.
1 %
intentionally decreased the quality of their work due to incivility.
1 %

Where does your organization fit in?

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Self-awareness is critical to building and maintaining workplace trust and culture.

Personal values are the root of professional behavior.  Workplace conflict is not the cause of conflicting values, but rather a lack of self-awareness.  

Increasing self-awareness complements professional relationships, decreases toxicity, incivility, and improves workplace culture.

Meet Dr. Page
Meet Dr. Page

Dr. Page’s extensive experience in business, education, & health care leadership includes business operations, culture, accountability, & staff development at all levels of the organization.

He has held numerous state & national leadership roles, as well as delivered well over 100 professional, peer-reviewed or peer-requested podium presentations at state, national & international venues.

He is an industry leader in healthcare, education & business professional boundaries, industry relations.

Areas of Practice

I’m passionate about many professional topics, and they have become the impetus for helping to build and strengthen professional relationships, ethical practices, culture & outcomes! 

Topics can be customized and adapted for your specific work environment.  Indeed, your specific goals and objectives depend on it!  



Most healthcare providers are undertrained in their professional code of ethics.  Let me help!

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Executive Leadership Mentoring


Most executive leaders benefit greatly from mentoring by someone completely outside of their organization and industry!  Let me help! Contact now!

Relationships & Boundaries


Supportive relationships and appropriate professional boundaries actually increased workplace culture and productivity. Let me help!
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Health Care


Health Care was identified as one of the most toxic working environments in the US.  Let me help!
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Education & Academics


Education was identified as one of the most toxic working environments in the US.  Let me help!
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Workplace Culture


Toxic behavior or low-trust workplace environments can be responsible for up to 50% lost productivity?  Do you have a line-item for that level of loss?  Let me help!
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